Drainage Systems

Drainage Systems

Drainage Systems in Greensboro, NC

We have worked on a lot of basement projects over the past few years. Homeowners who have water problems in their basements usually contact us to resolve this situation. Typically, we dig out the soil around the area where water is coming into the basement and regrade the soil and create proper drainage and direct water flow away from the basement.  

We also find that some builders do not pipe off gutters which leads to standing water in yards or on someone’s property. By piping off a gutter, this decreases the water standing in those affected spots. The result is that the homeowner’s yard now becomes easier to grow grass or plant flowers, shrubs or trees in. This makes the lawn healthier and it also decreases the amount of mosquitoes in your yard.  

Prevention is Key

No one likes wet spots or puddles on their property. We can grade your land to make sure that all of the water drains properly, either into the soil or into nearby bodies of water. We can work to reduce soil erosion and runoff, making sure your landscape gets all the water it needs from Mother Nature, and no more. Proper drainage will make many other landscaping chores much easier, so make sure you call us right away if you’re having problems!

An ounce of prevention, as they say, is worth a pound of cure, and making sure that your landscape gets the right amount of water will prevent many problems down the line. Contact us today with any of your questions! We’re happy to take a look at your lawn and landscape and suggest innovative drainage solutions.

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